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We’re a digital company — creatively led, commercially focused, and driven by curiosity

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As a leading digital agency in Africa, we look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and development agency. We make our clients both successful and truly sustainable.

We are led by creative and strategic business people. Our work results in products and digital experiences that people love, enduring purpose-led brands, and innovative new businesses. All of our work is collaborative and together to communicate clearly and achieve business goals, we are here to solve critical challenges and capture valuable opportunities.

This is what we do best.

We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.


Your business is a living system. To thrive, it needs far more than just commercial direction. We will bring our inimitable intelligence and humanity to designing your business. Work with us to define your winning proposition, organize your portfolio, define your growth, shape your culture and create your customer experiences for highly dynamic markets. Discover more


Your brand is your business, both to your customers and to your people. It tells the story of who you are, why you exist and how you act, when or wherever you meet the world. To do this brilliantly, you need a story-led, future-proof, and digital-first brand. Work with us to build a Living Identity System that will make your business thrive in our changing world. Discover more


Ever-evolving technology offers multiple possibilities and constant challenges for consumers and businesses alike. We believe that making a digital product or service that engages on a functional level will separate the great from the merely good. We can help organize your portfolio of products, design you an app or build you an entire digital system. Discover more


You need a clear and compelling voice to be heard in a noisy market. We help you make your messages unmistakably your own by creating a tone of voice that comes from the heart of your brand. We then develop the propositions, messaging frameworks and communication materials you need to entice, excite and inform your audiences, whether on social media, digital platforms or in print. Discover more


Our in-house team can work in every genre, from all-animation to location-shot live-action – and any theme, from bringing to life your strategic intent to launching a new product. We handle the whole process for you, writing the storyboard and organizing the production right through to delivering a powerful asset that will be easy to share. Discover more


We work with the world’s leading technology companies to shape the future vision and strategic direction of spatial computing and XR–virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR). We use our deep understanding of these technologies to create experiences, interfaces, systems and tools for our clients looking to understand the opportunities for their business. Discover more


Beyond conventional agencies.

We believe that collaboration is the lifeblood of creativity. It’s not easy – but we do it every day. Anyone who works in a global organization will know it’s a struggle that has to be won.

We know there is no such thing as a perfect company but we also know that organizations with shared aims can create immense positive change. We are actively seeking founders, leaders, and organizations who have similar ambitions.

We build teams that bring together the right experience and expertise to solve the challenge at hand. We stay connected through screens and work in our clients’ locations – whatever the project demands.


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350–360 Ikorodu Rd Maryland Mall, Lagos.

+234 802 694 5970

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Love where you work

We’ve built a ‘we-not-me’ culture for original thinkers and makers, dedicated to shared excellence and rewarded with competitive salaries and generous benefits. As a team made up of many nationalities, we’ve always been committed to diversity, equal pay, and gender equality.

Working with us means daring to learn and grow, being yourself, trusting your intuition, and championing your colleagues. If you feel you want to be part of the imagination, precision, bravery, and playfulness that makes us Digitalbox, take a look at the jobs we have on offer.

Looking for collaboration?

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350–360 Ikorodu Rd Maryland Mall, Lagos.

+234 901 398 2270

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