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Web Development | Email Marketing Campaign | Creatives Development | Brochure Design

Francophone Africa Business Summit 2024

Fabs Africa, the catalyst for impactful events, embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the Francophone Africa Business Summit 2024. To manifest the grandeur of this event, Fabs Africa collaborated with our team at DigitalBox to craft an eye-catching UI/UX website and implement a comprehensive digital strategy.

Our collaboration with Fabs Africa extended beyond web development, encompassing the strategic deployment of email marketing campaigns and the creation of various creatives for effective program communication. The focus was on ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for potential attendees.

The website at serves as the digital hub for the Francophone Africa Business Summit 2024, facilitating registrations and delivering comprehensive event information. Our collaborative efforts contribute to making this summit a milestone in fostering collaboration between Anglophone and Francophone markets and communicating the same in French and English language to connect with the various audiences.

At DigitalBox, we thrive on transforming digital landscapes for impactful events. Explore the Francophone Africa Business Summit at